10 Best Butt Plugs 2017

Whether you are just starting with anal sex play, or you are experienced in it, you will find that butt plugs can prove useful.

They are available in a number of different shapes and sizes, which means it is easy to find the best butt plug for you.

The use of the best butt plug can enhance the sexual fun for both men and women whether it is used alone or during sex.

The best anal plug can be used to stimulate the erogenous zone of the rear.

Top 10 Butt Plugs Comparison Table

PictureNameMaterialPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameMaterialPriceRating (1-5)
1. njoy Pure Plug Medium Stainless Steel Butt PlugStainless Steel$$$$4.9
2. Julian Snelling Rosebud Light Aluminium Medium Swarovski Crystal Butt PlugAluminum$$$$4.8
3. Doc Johnson TitanMen Inflatable Butt Plug MediumLatex$4.5
4. Doc Johnson American Bombshell Ultra Rounded Girthy Butt PlugPVC$$$4.4
5. Glass Butt Plug with Faux Fur TailGlass$$4.3
6. Doc Johnson American Bombshell B-10 Tango Large Butt PlugPVC$$$4.2
7. Adrien Lastic Triball Anal Beaded Butt PlugSilicon$4.1
8. Doc Johnson Titanmen The Hitch Smooth Butt Plug 4 InchPVC$3.9
9. Bottom Line Pleasure Carousel Glass Butt Plug 4.5 InchGlass$$3.7
10. Cloud 9 Classic Beginner's Butt PlugPlastic$3.5

What to Consider to Get the Perfect Butt Plug

One of the first things you need to consider when deciding on the most suitable butt plug is your level of experience in anal sex. This will be one of the main factors in helping you to determine which option is the best for you.

Those with little experience find it handy to choose a ‘beginner’ butt plug, which will be easier to insert and remove and will help you to get used to the sensation so that you can gradually increase the size of the plugs you use.

  • Size. The sizes of butt plugs can vary, so it possible to find an option to suit all preferences.
  • Shape. Butt plugs are available in a range of different shapes, which will determine the type of sensation that can be gained from using it, whether the right sensation from a butt plug with a large circumference or the sensation of the prostrate being stroked as from a long L shaped example.
  • Flared Base. Not only do you want to prevent it from going astray, you also need to be able to withdraw it easily and this will be possible with a flared base.
  • Suitability for Lubricant. It is always a good idea to use lubricant when using any anal sex toy, including butt plugs. This makes it necessary to check whether the butt plug is suitable for use with a lubricant and whether this will only be with a certain type, such as water based or silicon based.
  • Flexibility. The flexibility of the butt plug will vary according to the material from which it is made and its size. It will also govern the extent of pleasure that can be gained from the butt plug, which will vary according to the preference of the user.

Top 3 Best Butt Plug Reviews

1. njoy Pure Plug

The njoy Pure Plug is a medium sized butt plug that is a size that is not too big, so it is not intimidating for beginners.

It is made of stainless steel and highly polished, which makes it shiny and stylish looking and more like an item that should be on display rather than hidden in a drawer. The chic appearance of this butt plug is increased with the by the slim, tapered stem and the smooth finger loop.

The njoy Pure Plug also comes in a luxury presentation box that makes it an ideal gift.

At 200g, it is satisfyingly heavy and it is capable of creating a full feeling with a circumference of 3.9 inches at the widest point. The shape of the plug is such that it is capable of creating a pleasurable sensation all the way around.

It can be warmed or cooled for extra sensations using warm water or the fridge respectively.

The njoy Pure Plug is the best butt plug for those looking for an intimate gift that can provide pleasure.

2. Julian Snelling Rosebud Butt Plug

The Julian Snelling Rosebud butt plug is the type of butt plug for people who do not like to forgo their sense of style. This butt plug looks good as the base comprises a Swarovski crystal, which is flared and at the end of an inch-long stem.

This helps makes it an excellent gift and a whole different way to offer a loved one jewelry. The crystal sparkles in the light with each movement.

The rest of the medium sized body is made from aluminum and is shaped like a rosebud to provide maximum pleasure from the thickness of the widest part of the body and the tapered tip.

It is lightweight and easy to use as it can be used with any water-based lubricant and is not damaged by use in water.

The Julian Snelling Rosebud is an excellent butt plug for those who want a fun way to experience anal play.

3. Doc Johnson TitanMen Butt Plug

Doc Johnson’s TitanMen is an inflatable butt plug that offers a versatile way to enjoy anal sex. It also helps train the body to accommodate larger butt plugs as it can gradually expand to a larger size with a simple manual pump.

The latex butt plug is attached to a plastic tube, which delivers the air the comes from a bulb that can be squeezed by hand. The plug itself starts off with a circumference of 4.5 inches but can get as large as 13 inches by pumping air into it.

The tube is flexible, so it does not hinder any movement and it is easy to use; the bulb has a quick release valve that enables the air to be released quickly.

The butt plug itself comprises vertical ridges that offer additional stimulation.

The Doc Johnson TitanMen Inflatable butt plug is a great option for those who like to use butt plugs of different sizes, depending on their mood.

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