10 Best Condoms for Her 2017

For most people these days, condoms aren’t just an option, they are a necessity. Fortunately, there are a range of condoms to choose from that feel great for both partners, which is how it should be.

If you are a woman who doesn’t like the feel of condoms, you can rest assured that there are some stimulating options out there.

Not only do some condoms come ribbed, they come with a variety of unique sensations to ensure that you are enjoying yourself just as much as your partner.

Read on to find the best condoms for her pleasure.

Top 10 Condoms for Her Ultimate Table

PictureNameFeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameFeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
1. Trojan Sensitivity BareSkin Thin CondomsUltra-thin$$$4.5
2. LifeStyles SKYN Extra Studded Non Latex CondomsLatex-free$$$4.5
3. Sir Richard's Ultra Thin Vegan CondomsVegan$$4.4
4. Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel Non Latex CondomsLatex-free$$$4.4
5. Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy CondomsRibbed$$$4.3
6. ONE Mixed Pleasures CondomsExtra thin, extra lube$$$$4.2
7. Trojan Twisted Pleasure CondomsTwisted ridges$$$4.0
8. Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed CondomsRibbed$4.0
9. Durex Performax Intense Condoms Heat-activated desensitizing lubricant for him$$$4.0
10. Trojan Extended Pleasure Condomsdesensitizing lubricant for him$4.0

How to Make Sex with Condoms More Exciting

Unless you are in a long term, monogamous relationship where both parties have been tested for all STDs, you should be using condoms every time. There’s just no way of getting around it.

The good thing is that these days, wearing a condom doesn’t have to be the equivalent of wearing a thick rubber raincoat. They are much thinner than they used to be, and many come with extra special features for optimal enjoyment and protection.

Sometimes stopping to put on a condom can feel like a bit of an interruption. But there are some little tricks that anyone use to keep things hot in the bedroom while using condoms.

  • Oral. You should be using condoms during oral sex anyhow, so why not learn to put them on partly with your mouth? Experiment with flavored condoms and get this trick down to keep it steamy during foreplay.
  • Lube. Dab a little lube on the inside of the condom to ensure extra pleasure for him. There are also a variety of lubes designed expressly for her pleasure.
  • Texture. Some of these condoms on our list include various textures beyond just the traditional ribbed types. Why not give them a shot?

How to Ensure your Condoms Stay Effective

Even if you don’t find yourself using them often, it’s a good idea to keep a stockpile of condoms in case of emergency, because not having safe sex with a new lover is just not an option these days.

It may seem like a super simple tool, but using and storing condoms properly matters for their longevity.

Here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Lubricants. Only use water or silicone lubricants as oil-based lubricants can break down the rubber of the condom, leaving it less effective.
  • Storage. Keep condoms away from the excess heat, light and humidity so that they stay intact.
  • Usage. Always unroll the condom as you are putting it on, and keep it away from sharp nails and jewelry and leave the reservoir tip open to collect sperm.

Top 5 Best Condoms for Her Reviews

1. Trojan Sensitivity BareSkin Thin Condoms

Trojan is at the top of our best condoms for her list for a huge range of reasons. The Trojan brand is one of the safest and most trusted brands of condoms out there. They do rigorous testing on all of their products, and are always coming up with new features and designs.

This particular name doesn’t lie: these condoms come very close to the feeling of not wearing anything at all. They are clean fitting and easy to use for him, and the extra lubricant feels excellent for both partners as well.

Trojan Sensitivity Bareskin condoms are 0.045 mm thick, which is about 40% thinner than the standard varieties.

Trojan BareSkins have such a clean, light feel that both partners are bound to have a rocking good time during every single session. Give them a whirl and you’ll see that you don’t need to sacrifice sensation for safety.

2. LifeStyles SKYN Extra Studded Non-Latex Condoms

If you’ve been wanting to try a textured condom, we highly recommend checking out LifeStyles extra studded condoms. They are especially great for those who may have allergies to latex, and don’t have the rubbery smell either.

The Special Skinfeel material that it’s made with is super strong but still lets you feel everything. They are very smooth but still strong enough to last a long time through rough sex.

These will keep him and her going all night with the extra intensity of the studded texture and extra lubricant. It really feels like you are not wearing anything, and is as close to skin-to-skin contact as any condom gets.

These are great for women who may have just given birth or have other reasons they may be looking for extra stimulation. You may want to be careful using these, though: they’re so subtle you may not actually believe that he has one on.

3. Sir Richard’s Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms

Sir Richard has an amazing line of condoms out that are not only cruelty-free, but actually make donations to underdeveloped areas on every purchase. These condoms are free of harmful ingredients and feel great while they are on.

If you are looking for an ethical company to buy from, this is a great place to start. The company truly does care about the world, as you can tell from their business and production practices.

They are also ultra-thin and leave nothing behind in the way of safety or sensation. Really wearing these is great for women because everyone can feel everything.

These are safe for your body in all ways, so they’re great for those who may experience allergies or sensitivities to harmful chemicals that you often find in sexy accessories. They are 100% chemical free and have less latex odor than others in their class.

4. Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel Non Latex Condoms

While safety comes first, using condoms regularly doesn’t mean that sex has to be less pleasurable for either partner. Now you can say goodbye to thick, clunky latex condoms in the bedroom.

Durex Avanti Bare Reel actually do live up to their “Bare Real” name as they are so thin and strong you’ll be able to feel everything. They are perfect for those who would rather not use latex for allergy-related reasons.

Durex Avantis are made with special RealFeel technology which promises only the best sensations for both him and her. Plus they don’t have the odor that most latex condoms tend to emit.

In addition, they come with a special “easy on” feature that allows for quicker, safe usage so that you don’t ‘have to interrupt the fun. They are also rigorously tested for safety. There’s no doubt that this is.

5. Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy Condoms

Trojan does it again with the ultimate comfort and barely there feeling, but this time they are adding ribbed texture to the mix for the pleasure of both partners.

These condoms are made from premium latex and designed with a bit of a thinner tip so that they offer a premium fit for men.

Women can try out different positions with the ribbing, maybe even using the ribs to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot.

The basic texture is super thin too, designed for a very intimate experience. There’s nothing getting in the way of you and your love with these condoms. They come lubricated, too, so there’s some extra give and less chafing.

Add a little extra lubricant to the mix and you’re sure to experience intense pleasure while staying super comfortable and safe.

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