3 Best Flavored Condoms 2018

Condoms are the easiest and most effective ways to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies, but they sometimes have a reputation of being less than fun to use.

It’s a good thing that today there are so many on the market to choose from.

One of the most fun ways to get excited about using condoms regularly is to have a few different options, like flavored condoms.

Flavored condoms are one way of sprucing up your bedroom adventures.

Here are a few of the best flavored condoms on the market today.

Top 3 Flavored Condoms Table

PictureNameLubricantPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameLubricantPriceRating (1-5)
1. ONE Flavor Waves CondomsYes, non-spermicidal$$5.0
2. ONE Mixed Pleasures CondomsYes, non-spermicidal$$4.5
3. Durex Tropical Mixed Flavored CondomsYes, non-spermicidal$4.0

Finding the Most Comfortable Condom

If you think that condoms are annoying and somehow make sex less pleasurable, you aren’t alone! The thing is that with a little bit of exploration, everyone should be able to find a condom that fits well and feels great.

There’s a huge variety of condoms out there to make sex more exciting.

Take a peek at some of the different features that condoms have to offer.

  • Size Matters – Most standard condoms are made to fit a penis size of about 4-7 inches long, but not everyone fits within that range.

Luckily today there are condoms for those who are a little smaller and narrower (usually labelled as “snugger fit”), as well as for those who are a little bit wider or larger (large or XL).

It’s very important to have the right fit in order to ensure the most pleasurable experience, but perhaps more importantly to make sure that the condom does its job properly.

If you are in a heterosexual relationship and find that regular condoms don’t fit well, you may want to consider trying a female condom.

  • Special Features – If you’re up for some experimentation, why not try a new texture, flavor or other feature? These days there are many different things to choose from. They come in a range of flavors, colors and textures.

There are even special condoms that are made with Benzocaine which essentially helps men to last longer.

There are also “warming” condoms which are made with a lubricant designed to give women a bit of extra sensation.

  • Alternative Materials – You don’t have to go the traditional latex route if you have a latex allergy or just don’t like the feel.

Polyurethane, polyisoprene and lambskin condoms can all protect against pregnancy, but it’s important to note that natural skin such as lambskin does not protect against STIs.

You can also find condoms that are vegan-friendly.

Storage and Use of Condoms

Keeping your condoms in optimal condition and using them properly is integral to your safety. Here are some tips to consider.

  • Use the Right Lube. Oil-based lubricants can make condoms less effective, so it’s best to stick with silicone or water-based lubricants.
  • Keep Them Cool. Store in a cool, dark place in order to ensure the rubber does not break down.
  • Wear. Always have condoms handy to pull out and put on before any intercourse or sexual contact has taken place; this includes oral sex. Be sure to unroll them all the way and leave a space at the end for the sperm to collect.

Top 3 Best Flavored Condoms Reviews

1. ONE Flavor Waves Condoms

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to have things just taste good all the time while giving oral sex? One Flavor Waves will add some variety to oral sex and make it more fun while offering a safe experience.

One Flavor Waves condom multipack tops our list of best flavored condoms because it contains six fresh flavors like strawberry, bubblegum and even banana split.

This pack could be great to take on a romantic vacation because it comes with a perfect travel case for four condoms. Pack them away in your travel bag and aim for safety no matter where in the world you are.

They’re also great gifts and conversation starters and gags for stags, bachelorettes, and even sexy parties. Bring them into the bedroom and try out fun games like “guess the flavor.”

2. ONE Mixed Pleasures Condoms

Here’s a fun variety pack that will take enhance your bedroom fun with new flavors and textures too. Nothing makes giving oral sex more pleasurable than having some new flavors to taste and enjoy.

With the ONE Mixed Pleasures pack of condoms, you don’t have to choose just one new flavor or sensation…you can try a few out in the same session. This 12-pack contains glowing, textured, super thin and flavored condoms for intensified pleasure on every level.

They’re all lubricated so if you don’t have extra lube handy, you can still use them—at least, try the flavored ones for oral sex and save the rest for later.

The pack comes with a small storage tin that is perfect for tucking in beside your nightstand or taking with you on sexy weekend trips.

3. Durex Tropical Mixed Flavored Condoms

Here’s a great way to make oral sex even more fun than it already is: step away from that rubbery taste and add a splash of the flavor of your choice with Durex Tropical. This pack offers a selection which includes strawberry, banana and orange.

These condoms are also lubricated to prevent friction and breakage and are very effective against STIs when used properly. Plus, Durex is a well-known and reliable brand that is constantly researching different and effective new product testing methods.

Plus, every single Durex condom is tested electronically, so you can count on your safety with this brand.

These flavored condoms look, feel, and taste fantastic. Add them to a grab bag at your next stag party or sexy party and watch people’s faces light up. No matter how you share them, these are sure to spark some interesting conversations and new ideas.

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