10 Best Fleshlights 2017

There are times when using the hand alone for masturbation is not enough and something more is required.

When this is the case, a fleshlight can be used to enhance the experience and make it easier to get satisfaction from masturbation.

This is an apparatus that offers an easy and convenient way to get more from a masturbation session.

The best fleshlight can be obtained in the form of a mouth, vagina or anus and still offer that tight sensation of the real thing.

Top 10 Fleshlights Complete Chart

PictureNamelength (inches)PriceRaring (1-5)
PictureNamelength (inches)PriceRaring (1-5)
1. Teagan Presley Fleshlight Girls Lotus9$$4.8
2. Riley Steele Fleshlight Girls Lotus9$$4.7
3. Misty Stone Fleshlight Girls Forbidden Butt9$$4.5
4. Asa Akira Fleshlight Girls Lotus9$$4.5
5. Tanya Tate Fleshlight Girls Lotus9$$4.4
6. Jesse Jane Fleshlight Girls Lotus9$$4.3
7. Tori Black Fleshlight Girls Forbidden Butt9$$4.3
8. Angela White Fleshlight Girls Lotus9$$4.2
9. Teagan Presley Fleshlight Girls Forbidden Butt9$$4.1
10. Fleshlight Pink Lady Value Pack (5 Piece)9$3.8

Specifications of the Best Fleshlights

  • Length. The length of the fleshlight will need to correlate to the length of the shaft to ensure it can accommodate the full length for complete satisfaction.
  • Style. The style of a fleshlight can vary, not only in respect of the body part it mimics but also as to the casing.
  • Size. It is important to check the size of the fleshlight as it is essential that it is able to accommodate the length of the shaft to ensure that it will be effective.
  • Maintenance. It will need to be easy to clean to ensure that it can be cleaned effectively and regularly, which will be necessary for it to have a long life.
  • Material. The material from which the fleshlight is made will determine how hardwearing it is and the level of the maintenance requirements. It will also govern whether it has a real feel that resembles the real body part that it is supposed to portray.
  • Accessories. A good fleshlight will come with accessories that help make it easy to use, such as a water-based lubricant and renewing powder.

What to Expect from a Fleshlight

A good fleshlight should be easy to hold in one hand to be able to get the most benefit from it and to ensure it does not take much effort to use. This will require the circumference of the casing to be considered in comparison to the size of your hand.

The exterior casing can have any design, such as appearing to be a flashlight or looking like a can, and can suit the personality of the user. This can also help to create the appearance of an inconspicuous item that can be easily taken when travelling without fear of embarrassment.

The color of the casing will also play a part in this as muted colors are less likely to be noticed.

The size of a fleshlight will also allow it to be easily stored when not in use and to be able to be slipped into a suitcase.

The inner surface of the sleeve can be shaped to enhance the pleasure felt by the user, such as with the use of ridges or nodules that can complement the tightness and add extra stimulation.

A fleshlight will be easier to use when the penis is erect, as it will be easy to insert the shaft into the mouth of the device.

Differing shapes and tightness along the depth of the fleshlight will create a sensation that most resembles reality and ensure a pleasurable result.

Top 5 Best Fleshlights Reviews

1. Teagan Presley Girls Lotus

The Teagan Presley Girls Lotus is a lifelike vagina that is modelled on the porn star after which it is named, and it sports labia that are ready for action.

The material feels real and is soft enough to accommodate a wide range of penis sizes in its 0.5-inch canal. Within this, there are different nodules that stimulate the penis with each stroke.

It is easy to use and the process of cleaning it is a simple one and can be completed quickly.

Comes with two packets of lubricant.

The Teagan Presley Girls Lotus fleshlight is ideal for fans who want to get a real experience.

2. Riley Steele Girls Lotus

Those who are fans of Riley Steele will love this Girls Lotus fleshlight as it is modelled on her and comprises her signature on the realistic looking labia.

The inner sleeve has a soft but firm texture that caresses the shaft while the fleshlight is being pumped.

The flashlight-sized casing is easy to hold and the shaped inner sleeve has the ability to offer significant pleasure using a stroking motion.

It offers 9 inches of a tight feeling canal that creates a realistic sensation.

The Riley Steele Girls Lotus is an easy to use fleshlight that benefits from two sachets of lubricant.

3. Misty Stone Girls Forbidden Butt

The Misty Stone Girls Forbidden Butt fleshlight is a perfect replica of the named porn star’s anal canal.

The entrance is a puckered hole that leads to a tight canal that massages the shaft with its pattern of ridges.

It allows you to enjoy anal sex without needing a full sized sex doll, which makes it easy to store.

The base can be adjusted so that it can be fixed in place for ease of use.

The material is SuperSkin, which provides a realistic feel with it being soft and warming to the body temperature quickly.

The Misty Stone Girls Forbidden Butt is the best fleshlight for those who enjoy or want to enjoy anal sex.

4. Asa Akira Girls Lotus

The Asa Akira Girls Lotus fleshlight is modelled on the vagina of the porn star and shows the major and minor labia prominently.

The smooth pink material gives feels realistic and is instantly inviting to create added excitement. The material is soft enough to create some give but offers enough rigidity to be able to caress the shaft and create a massaging sensation that mimics the feeling of real sex.

This fleshlight is waterproof and it can be submerged in warm water in order to bring it to body temperature to heighten the realism when using it.

Once the penis is erect, the head can be pushed against the entrance hole of the lips of the fleshlight, which will easily accept it, regardless of the size.

The size of the casing makes it easy to grip and it conveniently comes with its own carry case for easy storage and travel.

Sleeve can be removed for easy cleaning and it can be dusted with some renewing powder after cleaning to maintain it in good condition.

The Asa Akira Girls Lotus fleshlight is an easy to fleshlight for those who are fans of the porn star.

5. Tanya Tate Girls Lotus

The Tanya Tate Girls Lotus fleshlight is an example of one that is a pleasure to use as the material is stretchy and enables a penis of all sizes to be accommodated.

The pattern of the sleeve is designed so that it is as much like a real vagina as it is possible to be.

The textured casing is easy to grip so that it is easy to operate anywhere and whenever you want it and it is only necessary to use one hand.

The sleeve is removable and it comes off easily so it can be cleaned before it is put away ready for the next use.

It is waterproof and it is prudent to use some water-based lubricant to ensure smooth motion and limit friction.

The lips are topped with the clit that can also offer with the appearance of the real body of Tanya Tate.

The Tanya Tate Girls Lotus is a versatile fleshlight and will offer a great deal of fun for a long time.

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