3 Best Sex Machines 2017

Being able to make use of a sex machine is an easy way to get a thrill.

It can offer convenience and satisfaction, rather than needing to go without if you do not have a partner or they are not in the mood.

A sex machine can take a number of different forms, enabling them to provide a range of benefits.

Use of the best sex machine can give you the freedom to carry out acts without hindrance and whenever you like, regardless of whether you have a partner or not.

Top 3 Sex Machines Comparison Table

PictureNamePower SourcePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePower SourcePriceRating (1-5)
1. Robo Fuk Unisex Adjustable Sex MachineMains$$4.5
2. Inflatable Vibrating Dildo Chair2 x AA batteries$4.0
3. Pipedream Portable Sex MachineMains$$3.5

Benefits of a Good Sex Machine

There are various ways in which a sex machine can be used, which will be determined by the type of machine that it is.

Many a sex machine will resemble a real body so that it is possible to have sex with them as you would with a partner. This may not necessarily be the entire body, but may be just one part of it.

A sex machine that does comprise a whole body will be able to be used in a number of different positions.

Those that just comprise parts of the body can still be used in a number of ways, for example, a dildo attached to a base can used by a woman by laying on it or sitting on it.

If there is an interactive element, you will need to determine how this is put into operation and the result, such as thrusting or vibrating.

There are a number of advantages in using a sex machine, which includes:

  • Can be ready to use at all times.
  • Will not get tired.
  • Designed to be easy to clean and to not have significant maintenance requirements.
  • Will be suitable for use with a lubricant.
  • Can easily be stored away when it is not needed.
  • Will be hard-wearing so that it will not quickly need to be replaced.

Top 3 Best Sex Machine Reviews

1. Robo Fuk Unisex Adjustable Sex Machine

The Robo Fuk Universal is a sex machine that is adjustable so that it can be used by both men and women. This is made possible through the attachments, which include a flexible dildo and a masturbation sleeve.

It is a mains powered machine that completes a thrusting movement to provide a realistic sensation of having sex.

The arm to which the attachments are fixed can be adjusted to create the right height and angle for your body.

It makes it possible to use a sex toy without needing to use your hands, however, it also has an adjustable handle that can be used to stabilize it while in use.

It is simple to put together and has suction cups on the base to allow it to be fixed in place on a flat surface.

The best sex machine will be capable of providing satisfaction, and the Robo Fuk Universal meets this criterion.

2. Inflatable Vibrating Dildo Chair

The Inflatable Vibrating Dildo Chair is a sex machine that has a simple design, yet it is no less effective.

The format is a dildo that is capable of vibrating which is set into the center of an inflatable stool, so it can it can be bounced on for deep penetration without the need to use your hands. However, there are handles on the sides if you want to be able to grip it and it is capable of supporting a weight of 100kg.

The Inflatable Vibrating Dildo Chair is made from PVC so it is easy to clean and it can safely be used with a water-based lube.

It did not take a significant amount of time to inflate, and after deflation it can be folded away for convenient storage.

The Inflatable Vibrating Dildo Chair is a versatile sex machine that is capable of being used in different positions.

3. Pipedream Portable Sex Machine

The Pipedream Portable is a sex machine that is formed by way of dildo vibrators that can be attached to a portable box. The portability stems from the size and weight, which is 8 x 7 x 5” and 1.4kg respectively, as well as a handle on the top. This is enhanced with the inclusion of a carry case.

It comes with two dildos that are interchangeable and the abilities not only extend to vibrations, but also to thrusts, so it is capable of a range of variations.

It is mains powered and light enough to be used in a range of different positions.

For a great sex machine that works and comes with a range of accessories, the Pipedream Portable is a great option.

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