6 Best Vibrators for Beginners 2017

Being inexperienced in the use of sex toys does not make you any less curious or willing to try them, however, you may feel some trepidation about what to use and how to use it.

With the wide range of options on the market – which can vary accordingly, to size, shape and style, to name just a few variants – there is no wonder that this can be the case.

Fortunately, there will also options that meet all the right criteria for the best beginner vibrator.

By considering the features and ensuring they are able to meet your needs, it does not need to be difficult to get the best vibrators for beginners.

Top 6 Vibrators for Beginners Comparison Table

PictureNameIs It Realistic?PriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameIs It Realistic?PriceRating (1-5)
1. Lovehoney Erotic Rocket 10 Function Clitoral VibratorNo$$4.5
2. Lovehoney BASICS Realistic Dildo Vibrator 8 InchYes$$4.0
3. Pearl Shine Realistic Vibrator 8 InchYes$$4.0
4. Beginner's Classic Rabbit VibratorYes$$$$4.0
5. Little Softee Beginner's Realistic Dildo Vibrator Yes$4.0
6. Mötley Crüe Too Fast For Love 10 Function Bullet Vibrator No$$$4.0

Specifications of Vibrators for Beginners

There are a range of factors that need to be considered to enable you to determine which vibrator will be right for your needs. Some of the factors include:

  • Size. The size of a beginner vibrator can be one of the main factors that makes it intimidating. However, it should be remembered that it does not need to be large in order to provide a benefit. If necessary, you will be able to work up to larger sizes after starting small.
  • Instructions. One of the main concerns for someone just starting out with the use of a vibrator will be the ease of use. Besides not being complicated to operate and maintain, the right vibrator for a beginner will also come with clear instructions so that reference to them can be made, if necessary.
  • Material. The material from which the vibrator is made will dictate not only the feel and flexibility of it, but also how durable it is and its maintenance requirements.
  • Ability. The manner in which the vibrator works, such as the strength and speed of the vibrations will be a major factor in respect of the amount of pleasure that it is capable of providing.
  • Power Source. It is necessary for a vibrator to be able to work well without losing power at an inopportune moment, so be sure to take the type of power source into consideration as you search. Vibrators are either battery-operated or rechargeable.

Top 3 Best Vibrators for Beginners Reviews

1. Lovehoney Erotic Rocket 10 Function Clitoral Vibrator

The Erotic Rocket by Lovehoney is a vibrator that is designed for clitoral stimulation and is great for a beginner as it provides a range of different options.

Through a combination of three different speeds and seven patterns of vibration, it provides a variety of ten ways to gain pleasure. This is beneficial for allowing a beginner to find their favorite one.

Its ability is created by two metal silver electro-plated beads and it is quiet.

At five inches, it is pocket sized and it is easy to travel with as it can be made discreet, and it needs only one AA battery. Though it is small and does not seem to require a significant power source, it is actually pretty powerful and is easy to operate.

The Lovehoney Erotic Rocket is one of the best vibrators for beginners as it is easy to use and effectively provides pleasure.

2. Lovehoney BASICS Realistic Dildo Vibrator 8 Inch

The Lovehoney BASICS vibrator is in the form of a dildo that has a realistic appearance. This extends to a smooth head and veins around the girth, which is 5.5”.

In all, it is nine inches long and it is made from rubber, which allows it to be flexible though the texture of it is firm.

The material makes it safe for use with water-based lubricants for ease of use.

With the controls at the base, it is simple to operate by simply twisting it, and the variety of speeds is created by two AA batteries.

The Lovehoney BASICS dildo vibrator is a great option for those who enjoy extra girth.

3. Pearl Shine Realistic Vibrator 8 Inch

The Pearl Shine 8-inch dildo vibrator is designed to look real with a shape and size that resembles the real thing, in addition to veins along the shaft.

It is made from rubber and designed to enable it to be waterproof to the point where it can be submerged in water.

It has a range of vibrating effects, which make it possible to choose your favorite.

It can be inserted up to 7.75 inches and the wide bass mimics reality and allows the clitoral stimulators at the base to be enjoyed.

For a first vibrator, the Pearl Shine has everything necessary to make it easy for a beginner to use.

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