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7 Best Non-Latex Condoms 2017

There can be many reasons for you not to use latex condoms, such as being allergic to the material or not liking the feel of it against the skin. When this is the case, you will still need an option that will keep you safe during sex

6 Best Condoms for First Time 2017

If you are new to sex, not only is it necessary to be concerned about your technique and the pleasure of your partner, but also about the preliminary steps, such as the use of contraceptives. Condoms will usually be the most hassle-free option, which will mean knowing

10 Best Trojan Condoms 2017

When you want to experience the full extent of sexual pleasure while still being safe, you will want to ensure you use a quality brand of condom, rather than a cheap imitation that will not offer any benefit at all. Protection against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy,