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10 Best Gay Sex Toys 2017

If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom with your lover, why not try a new set of sex toys to have new adventures and sensations. Maybe you’ve been really interested in trying out new types of sex toys, or maybe you have an idea

10 Best Sex Toys for Beginners 2017

Have you been looking to spice things up in the bedroom but you’re not quite sure where to start? Maybe Fifty Shades of Grey got you curious to try your hand at BDSM, but you’re somewhat intimidated at all the options, or aren’t sure how to use

10 Best Male Sex Toys 2017

There are times when the use of a toy can intensify the pleasure during sex. One can be used for practice of new techniques or to try out moves that you want to share with your partner. The best male sex toys will always be ready to

10 Best Sex Toys for Couples 2017

Spicing things up in the bedroom can take many different forms, such as role play or sweet talk, though it is also possible to use suitable equipment. With the use of the best sex toys for couples, it is possible to create a high level of anticipation

6 Best Anal Toys for Men 2017

Many people may assume that the only erogenous zone for men is the penis, but this is not so as many will enjoy the sensation of their anus being played with. By getting the best anal toy suited to the desired task, you can ensure a whole

6 Best Lesbian Sex Toys 2017

Women know their own bodies so they are more likely to know another woman’s which can help to create a thrilling sexual experience. With the use of the best lesbian sex toys, women will be able to enhance their enjoyment in the bedroom and allow scope for