5 Most Realistic Sex Dolls 2017

If you are looking for a new type of sex toy, you may want to consider a doll. Many people look to sex dolls for masturbation because they offer a variety of hands-free positions that you can’t normally get with dildos and vibrators.

You can find both male and female sex dolls in a range of different types.

If the idea of a realistic feel of a sex doll appeals to you, take a look at this overview of the most realistic sex doll models on the market and decide which one you might like to try.

Top 5 Realistic Sex Dolls Table

PictureNameHands-freePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameHands-freePriceRating (1-5)
1. THRUST Pro Elite Alana Ribbed Vagina & Ass Mega Masturbatoryes$$5.0
2. Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male Sex Doll 6.8kgyes$$$5.0
3. Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly 2 Sex Doll Pussy Ass and Tits Masturbator 8.2kgyes$$4.5
4. CyberSkin Realistic Vibrating Perfect Ass 8.2kgyes$$4.4
5. Kimmi Lovecok Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll 3.2kgno$4.3

Why Buy a Sex Doll?

You may want to try out a sex doll just to use on your own, or you can use them with your lover as well. Either way, there are a whole new set of adventures around the corner.

Consider a sex doll for:

  • Threesome Fantasy Positions. One example of a way to spice up your love life with a doll would be to have a partner use the male doll as a dildo while they pleasure the other lover orally, leaving both partner’s hands free to enjoy each other.
  • Trying Different Positions. Whether alone or with a partner, you may want to try getting sexy in various positions that are difficult to achieve for one reason or another, such as mobility issues.

Which Sex Doll Will Work for Your Needs?

If you are in the market for a male or female sex doll, you might be surprised to find that there are a few different types to choose from beyond just the typical inflatable type you may be familiar with.

There are various kinds of sex doll on the market, some are more “realistic” than others, featuring more details, textures and sensations. All are great options whether you are using solo or with your lovers for extra excitement in the bedroom.

Here are a few of the different types:

  • Blow Up Sex Dolls. These are the most basic types and aren’t quite as realistic as some of their counterparts, but they are usually inflatable and thus easy to store and hide. For direct genital stimulation, they are best used with a fake vagina or realistic dildo.
  • Lifelike Sex Dolls. Similar to inflatable dolls, lifelike dolls often have more detailed and lifelike features. Genitals may be removable, they may vibrate, and they may have other types of stimulation functions such as licking and sucking.
  • Realistic Sex Dolls. These dolls are made with special materials and are usually weighted to feel as real as possible. Their genitals are very easy to interact with, and the dolls are quite heavy so they are great for hands-free play.

Because they are made out of special materials, they do require some extra care and maintenance over time.

Top 3 Most Realistic Sex Doll Reviews

1. THRUST Pro Elite Alana

Alana features a realistic vagina (7.5 inches deep) and anus (4.5 inches deep), is very realistic and is a cinch to clean up. The feel is very soft and realistic, and it is positioned in a doggie style position for maximum viewing pleasure.

This masturbator doll is very weighty, so you can just put it on the bed or a chair and leave your hands free to use in other areas.

Since Alana’s vagina is ribbed for your pleasure, it offers an awesome set of sensations for masturbation or for use with your lover in the bedroom. With this toy, there are a lot of options for things like spanking and other types of butt play.

Both openings are only .5 inches wide, so they are tight enough for satisfaction every time. This is one of the most realistic sex doll figures because of the awesome versatility in feelings and sensation it offers.

2. Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male Sex Doll

The Pipedream Extreme is a very realistic and satisfying option for those looking for a male sex doll. Fulfill all your fantasies via the muscular abs and chest on this buffed up, textured doll with smooth skin and generous proportions.

The doll feels very soft and is very comfortable to use, perfect for pushing things to the next level in the bedroom alone or with a partner. The doll is heavy and meant for hands-free use, so both women and men can be on top.

This is a great option for those with threesome fantasies or who may want to play with various methods of penetration in multiple places. And the Pipedream is very well-endowed and meant to satisfy the person using it every single time, even when the other partner might need a break.

This doll is so realistic and exciting to play with, it guarantees superb sensation every time.

3. Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly 2 Female Sex Doll

We’ve already reviewed the male Pipedream above, and they do have a female version too. Made with 36DD breasts and a taught waist, this doll is alternately soft and hard right where it counts. This doll is firm but still soft: just add a little lube, and it’s always ready to use.

The female Pipedream is one of the most realistic sex dolls on the market that comes in a female form. It offers the user a superb masturbation and sex toy experience. The vulva is very detailed, including a well-defined clitoris as well as inner labia.

The female Pipedream vagina is ribbed for extra pleasure and there’s an anus to play with too. The package comes with water-based lube as well as toy cleaner, so you can get started right out of the box. Try it out with a partner or on your own for new heights of pleasure and sensation.

For an extra-special treat, you can even warm it up in a hot bath to experience an even more realistic set of sensations.

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